Australian Maths Teachers Online Conference (AMTOC)

Each year since 2022 I have organised a FREE conference sharing short, sharp sessions led by high- quality Australian researchers and practitioners. The conference takes place in January and registrants have access to the content for four weeks. Over 5000 teachers registered for the 2023 conference. Registrations for the 2024 AMTOC will open in late November. You can read more about the AMTOC conference here. Click below to register.

- Dr Ange

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AMTOC 2024

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Conference theme: An observation in my practice that led me to research further.

Presenters: 21 

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AMTOC 2023

The conference theme was: 

One piece of research that has changed my practice.

Presenters: 14 

Registrants: 5,077 

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AMTOC 2022

The conference theme was:

If I was to choose one thing to focus on in 2022 it would be...

Presenters: 10 

Registrants: 4,004 

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