Reseach and Practice: The 'why' behind the AMTOC

numeracy leaders teachers Dec 01, 2022

On the radio this week I heard a fact that really shocked me. It mentioned that it can take on average 17 years to turn research into practice.

I decided to have a little dig into where this research came from, and it appears to have been completed in the health field. So this means it takes a long time for the cutting edge research that is currently being conducted in our universities/research facilities, to reach our local GP (an oversimplification (I hope!), but you get the idea!).

I don’t have any data from the education field around this, but my sense is this could be just as accurate in our context.

If you think about some of the methods that are being taught in schools. Many have not changed in 30+ years, despite their being lots of research to suggest the need for change.

If you have been reading my emails and blogs over the past couple of years you will know that one of my great passions is bringing research and practice closer together.

I feel too often they are living in completely separate worlds! There is the research world and then there is teaching and leadership practice world which is happening daily in schools. Unfortunately there does not seem to be enough crossover.

Don’t get me wrong, the situation is getting better. Definitely. But teachers are busy, so I believe one of my duties as a researcher,  is to do everything in my power to bring research to teachers and leaders, so we can move forward as a profession together. 

Now if you were around in January this year, you may have seen one of the steps I took to bridge the gap between research and practice.

I created the Australian Maths Teachers Online Conference- The AMTOC.

I am very proud to say that over 4000 teachers from across the world registered for the conference and I had some amazing feedback from participants. My goal for the AMTOC was, and remains, to provide a vehicle for research to travel straight to practitioners.

I am very excited to say that the AMTOC will be taking place again in January 2023.

The format will be exactly the same. Fourteen high quality, thought leaders, practitioners and research gurus in the Australian maths education field will share a 30 minute pre-recorded session focusing on the theme:

“One piece of research that has changed my practice is…”.

We have some new presenters this year and some returning again. Once again I am so grateful for them for giving up their time to share their knowledge free of charge!! 

All registrants will have access for 3 weeks to view the sessions, after which they will be housed within my Numeracy Teachers Academy portal.

So without further ado, I would like to unveil the flyer and encourage you to sign up for the conference.

Here is the link to register and feel free to share with anyone at your school!

Attending the AMTOC is an amazing way to start the year, and hopefully it makes you feel like we are bringing maths education research and practice one step closer, for the benefit of our students!

Have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing you in January!

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