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Hi, I'm Dr Ange Rogers...

 and Maths Education is my passion!

Over the past 20 years I have seen Primary Schools from many perspectives. Beginning as a classroom teacher, then a Numeracy Leader and Coach, and more recently as a Numeracy Consultant, PhD researcher and Parent (to 4 children). These roles have provided me with much experience and knowledge.

I love nothing more than helping teachers link research and practice to improve their confidence in the classroom.

Working with thousands of teachers, I have honed my skills in providing support, mentorship, and guidance.

I pride myself on providing clear, no-fuss, practical advice to help busy teachers and leaders.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you, as we work together to improve your teaching and leadership of Numeracy.

My Story...

Both my parents are teachers and 12 of my uncles/aunties/cousins are too. We could literally open a school!

You could say I was born to teach!

After going through High School considering many careers from Optometry to Marine Biology, at 17, it finally dawned upon me, that being a teacher was EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

From that moment onwards, I have never looked back!

I LOVE teaching students, I LOVE working with parents, but MOST of all I LOVE working with teachers- they are my people!

I understand how difficult it is to successfully teach Numeracy- from curriculum demands, to a serious lack of time, to the challenges of working with parents. Nothing about teaching Numeracy is easy!

Having been through many experiences in my own teaching career, I can now apply my research knowledge and provide a different perspective for teachers.

My ultimate goal is to lessen the load for teachers and create a thriving community which supports and guides teachers to develop their practice and improve student outcomes. 

 I want Numeracy to come alive for you and your students! 

My Big Why...

I truly believe that PD is not an event, it is a process. (Loucks-Horsley et al., 1987, 1998, Guskey, 2002)

It takes time to change your practice, develop your knowledge and hone your skills.

Having attended and presented at many PD's over the years, I have always felt there were opportunities to better support and guide Numeracy teachers and leaders as they return to their class. 

Too often we attend a PD (which may or may not be appropriate for where we are in our learning journey), and try to implement the learnings, only to wish we could seek support from the experts.

The aim of the NTA is to bridge the gap between Maths Education research and practice. 

I want teachers to engage in quality ongoing, differentiated research-based PD, and confidently implement change in their class, knowing I have their back.

It doesn't have to be big changes- it might just be a little tweak to your planning or a resource you try... whatever it is I am here! 

I believe the NTA is an innovative PD offering that will change the way teachers, across Australia and beyond, approach and teach Numeracy.

I am SO excited to share the NTA with you!

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Other projects Ange is involved in...

Simply Maths PD

Each year, Ange collaborates with her friend and colleague Dr Bern Long to provide several Simply Maths  PD sessions for Numeracy teachers and leaders. Ange loves these opportunities to work closely with schools and teachers to improve their Numeracy programs. 

Number Doctors

Having 4 children, Ange is passionate about supporting parents to promote Numeracy in simple and authentic ways with their children. Through Number Doctors, Ange shares ideas, games and opportunities for parents of 3-6 year olds to play mathematically with their children. Click here to view Ange's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Zero Our Hero

After completing her PhD, Ange created an iPad and iPhone app called "Zero Our Hero". Through the app, Ange has applied the findings of her PhD to support Year 2-6 students in their development of whole number place value. The app is a high quality, research-based digital resource.

Questions? Reach out to Dr Ange...