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PVAT Form A Assessment

Ange created the PVAT assessment as part of her PhD research. You can download Form A of the assessment here. It is suitable for Years 2-6 students. For more detailed information and resources related to the PVAT you might like to look at Ange's PVAT online mini-course. The course explains EVERYTHING you need to know to administer and analyse the PVAT in your class/school. 

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Ange's Place Value Articles

Click here to download some of the articles Ange has written related to her PhD research into place value.

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'Notice & Wonder' Files

Click here to download over 200 'Notice & Wonder' images suitable for Years 2-6 students. These are sorted by their related maths content area, saving you hours of time searching!

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Dr Ange's Videos

These videos provide you with lots of simple maths ideas which require minimal resources but encourage maximum engagement!

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