Maths in the Newsletter

In this week’s blog post I wanted to share some tips on increasing the profile of maths at your school

An important part of our role as Numeracy Leaders, is to increase the profile of Numeracy in our school. One way you can do this is through creating a regular section in the school newsletter.

Now, I know from experience that this can be a very time-consuming exercise if you are not ‘smart’ about it.

When I started out as Numeracy Leader. I put out a termly Numeracy Newsletter- It was gold (if I do say so myself), but it took FOREVER to create and it was on my mind the whole term!!

So, I got ‘smarter’ about how I went about doing this…

Consistency is key… I wanted something every week for the parents to see and to raise the profile of maths. 

So, I outsourced and set up a roster. Each week some keen Year 6 students went around to a designated class and took photos of a maths lesson. They then uploaded the photos into a template I had set up and… viola… each week we had a feature from one class. It was the Year 6s job to interview a few students in the class about what they were doing a then write a short blurb for the page.

It was as easy as that.

I can’t say how many parents read the maths page each week- but it was there for them to see and I was promoting Numeracy and providing an insight into classrooms in a fast and efficient way.

Why not give it a go?


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