Imposter Syndrome in Numeracy Leaders

numeracy leaders May 27, 2021

Being a Numeracy Leader is not easy, and I think sometimes we focus on being everything for everyone else and we forget about ourselves.

Looking back, the thing I struggled with most as a Numeracy Leader was worry and doubt about whether I knew and/or was doing enough. I had the classic symptoms of “imposter syndrome”. I was always worried that someone on staff or a parent would uncover me as a “fraud” and say “who put you in charge of Numeracy?”.

Do you ever feel like that?

It took me a couple of years to gain enough confidence in my ability and knowledge to stand up in front of my colleagues and “own” my position as leader.

If you also feel like an imposter don’t worry, it is completely NORMAL!

The best advice I can give you, is… you ARE enough!

Whether you applied for Numeracy Leader because it is what you have ALWAYS wanted to do (this was me) or it just “fell in your lap”… someone at your school has recognized potential within you.

The thing is you don’t have to know everything…in fact you really only need to know about 10% more than the majority of the people at your school. Don’t feel threatened if there is someone who knows more about maths than you…get them involved, they can be you best ally…more about that other day.

As I have said you have been chosen for a reason, maybe because you are well respected by staff, maybe you are a great teacher, maybe you have leadership qualities or maybe you are a great communicator… whatever it is... you are there for a reason…

So next time you feel ‘imposter syndrome’ starting to creep in… remember you are ENOUGH…having the passion, commitment and a drive to learn and help others learn is all you need.

Being a leader is about taking people on a journey… people are not expecting you to know EVERYTHING- 99% of them will be happy for you to say “I’m not sure about that- but I will find out”. You are there to be their support and their go-to person.

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